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Thank you for taking time to pay attention of our website. Grebul Real Estate Agency is dedicated to developing great long term relationships with our customers and providing the best of results in their Real Estate, Construction and Property Management needs.

Savvas Kesanoglou


We pride ourselves with a team of professionals dedicated to high levels of integrity and excellence to achieve the best of results. Our goal is to provide our customers a good return on their investments through a high quality products and services that will exceed their expectations at the same time remaining profitable and economically competitive.

Albena Dimitrova 
Head Director, Legal Affairs

Grebul Real Estate Agency is a company with established positions in the field of real estate.
For more than 10 years our team of professionals has successfully consulted and defended the interests of our business partners and customers about purchase sale real estate, rental, market analysis, real estate appraisal and any other services related to the real estate sector.
The organizational structure of Grebul Real Estate Agency is flexible enough to do quality serve of Bulgarian and international corporate clients as well, in addition of that to act for individuals.

Our Vision

We are united by a common VISION to provide professional consulting, regardless of the challenges of the changing state of the market. Our pursuit of excellence makes us constantly invest efforts to show that in Bulgaria the real estate market is extremely favourable.

Long-term relationships

We are happy when we are able to offer our customers the best opportunities and together
take the next steps towards effective results.

Maintaining high standards

Our number one goal is to always exceed the expectations of the customers we represent by maintaining high standards of excellence and integrity in all our business activities.

Looking For Investors

We are working with customers around the world and we know that Grebul Real Estate is on the level of companies in Europe.

Our Missions

We believe that the satisfaction of different requirements of each customer is the incentive and key to our success Therefore, our MISSION is to provide high quality consulting services, which to respond all international standards. Furthermore, working with customers is a such pleasure for us, and to justification their expectations professional commitment.

Mission One
To be the most dynamic and progressive company in our industry.

Mission Two
To built the best solutions and results for our customers with products and services well structured.

Mission Three
To give you the best return on your investments.

Loyalty, integrity, high professionalism and long-term customer relationships are the hallmarks of our PHILOSOPHY